Dear Supplier,

Please be advised that is no longer to be used for any inbound LTL shipments into domestic Eaton facilities effective immediately – with the exception of Power Quality business.

As part of the Eaton Inbound Initiative, moving forward, you are to use the Transplace TMS Portal for all inbound LTL shipments (except for Power Quality Business).

If you have any questions in regards to this program, please reach out to (844-368-7612) for clarification and training materials.

For shipments to Power Quality, EatonRoute is the Eaton web -based application to obtain Standard Routing Instructions (shipping instructions) for inbound collect third party or customer return shipments where Eaton is responsible for freight payment.
The following identifies key aspects of EatonRoute:

  • Routings involve shipments made via small package (UPS Ground), less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), or combination thereof, that are made within U.S and limited cross border application for Canada and Mexico.
  • Allows quick and easy access to current routing instructions via the internet to provide cost-effective shipping instructions with Eaton preferred carriers.

Below are key points to follow:
  • EatonRoute should be accessed every 30 days to verify no changes were made (or prior to shipping if shipments are sporadic).
  • If the shipment is inbound to an Eaton location you must select the location from the list available by clicking on the binoculars next to the location field. If the Eaton location is not shown in the selection list, please contact the location involved.
  • If other modes of transportation are required (i.e airfreight, ground expedite, padded air-ride, etc.) please contact the location.
  • If the shipment is a third party shipment (i.e: shipment from company ABC to company XYZ and Eaton is responsible for freight payment to carrier) make sure the bill of lading indicates the full address of the Eaton location responsible for freight payment.
  • Suppliers/shippers now have the ability to download a BOL template from the site. After selection “get Route” on the rate inquiry page, the BOL can be accessed.

To access EatonRoute, click on the button below. If you need assistance, please access the on-line demo (click HERE to access demo) for functional instructions. If you experience difficulties accessing the site please contact support at 844-368-7612 or email